Rubber Stamps

Look around and enjoy our stamps! Butter Side Down Stamps creates red rubber art stamps that can be a little odd: some are scientific, some lean to the dark side and all have a sense of fun. We're a lot more optimistic than our name sounds, but like a buttered piece of toast our stamps make their mark when they drop. Butter Side Down Stamps explore science, the natural world, the ancient world and plain crazy stuff. There's plenty more worlds to explore so Butter Side Down Stamps is not likely to run out of ideas any time soon.

We show ACTUAL INK STAMPED images of our products to give you the best idea of how the stamp will look when you use it. In most cases, your images will be better than ours. Watermarks are added to the pictures, but do not appear on your stamp.

Butter Side Down Stamps are made in the USA with deep-etch red rubber, foam cushion and fine hardwood mounts. Each stamp mount is hand-stamped with the design, assembled, labeled and given a hard shell finish in our shop. Unmounted stamps have the same quality deep-etch, red rubber as their mounted cousins. Some stamps are available with reusable cling foam for use with acrylic mounts.

We're always delighted to hear about the variety of creative media our customers explore with our stamps! The stamps, however, are tested for paper so if you are experimenting in another media, impressions will vary and we cannot guarantee the results.